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Have you already tried to get a Loan Modification, and you just want to Bow Out Gracefully?  We have "The Network" of Real Estate Agents, Private Lenders, Property Managers, Title Companies, Foreclosure & Bankruptcy Attorneys, Appraisers, Contractors, Credit Repair Professionals, etc for all phases of your Short Sale and Traditional Real Estate Transaction.  Our Network of professionals work with Houses In Any Condition, regardless of the Owner's Personal Situation.

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1.   A FREE Evaluation of  your personal situation for you within 24  hours.  No waiting, we can do most of the research with you, over the phone.   

I NEVER create an unfair offer. My goal is to create a win/win situation where we both feel good about doing business with each other! However, with this offer, you RISK NOTHING because the consultation is FREE!

My name is Kennedy Gallimore. I AM NOT A REAL ESTATE AGENT. If your agent  has sent you here, it's because they know how to successfully market a house that needs to sell quickly!.  Please complete the Loan Modification or Short Sale Tab on the HOME Page of this site. You are under no obligation to get a free evaluation.

Sell House Fast in Florida

There are many reasons for needing to sell house fast in Florida and I have worked with people who had all of them!  Not all at one time...

Medical Issues

Legal Troubles

Pending divorce


Job Loss

Facing Foreclosure

House Needs A Ton Of Work

Tired Of Being A Landlord

Just Need The Cash

If any of these reasons apply to you, then we need to talk!  Selling your house fast is as simple as a single phone call (386) 753-4648, or by filling out the form

to the right.  Saving Your Home is achievable even if it didn't work for your cousin.

Life can happen to anyone... 

Usually something catastrophic happens, Divorce, Bad Tenants, Job Loss, Death of a Spouse, Rising Maintenance Costs, etc., that causes us to miss a payment and before you know it, collections, demands and ultimately foreclosure.  A Loan Modification may be the perfect solution.  Maybe you have tried for a loan modification, and you were denied, so you think that a Loan Modification is not an option.  Unfortunately, most people propose a loan Modification by simply submitting documents that the bank requests.  Remember, The Bank is not trying to help you get your loan modification approved.  In most cases, they benefit more by foreclosing on your home, collecting the insurance on the loan default, and then selling your home at auction.  This way the bank potentially gets 3 paydays. If they approve you for a Loan Modification, you may be paying your loan back at 2.00% and that is not necessarily the highest value to your lender.  While you are sending the same documents over and over, your lender is hoping that you will get frustrated and give up, or that eventually they will ask for something that, when you provide it, will cause you not to be able to be approved. Our Approach is completely different.  

Are you trying to sell your house in FL fast?  If so, then you have come to the right place.  On this simple website you can download our FREE, special report showing you how to sell your house within 10 days by completing the short form on the right.  You will immediately be taken to your free report where you will learn the secrets to getting a solid, all cash offer on your property within 24 hours.  Selling your FL property has never been easier no matter the reason as to why you want to sell.

 We Can Close In As Little As 7-10 Days

 Get A Firm Offer Within 24 Hours

 Sell Your House "As-Is" With No Repairs Needed

 No Commissions Or Hidden Fees

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Have you suddenly come into a Financial Hardship? 

We all face challenges that cause us to have a financial hardship.  I was once told that we spend about 50% of our lives in the middle of, going into, or coming out of conflict.  Conflict usually costs money and in and of itself, can cause financial hardship.  In order to qualify for most  Loan Modification Programs, you must display a financial hardship.  Most financial hardships are easy to define, such as, job loss, increase in bills, medical issues, under funded retirement, etc.

Are you Getting Negative Cash Flow on your Rental Property? 

A financial hardship can also happen to a rental property owner.  Let's say that you bought a property for $100,000 in 2007 and you invested $20,000 to purchase and your mortgage is $750/month + $250 HOA or COA Dues, or $1000/month.  Let's assume that there are a lot of rentals available and the rental property owner can only rent the property for $500/month and the value has dropped from $100,000 in 2005 to $35,000 now!  The financial hardship is that the negative cash flow and negative equity are both financial hardships and can be grounds for applying for a Loan Modification.

Do you Need Relief from your Mortgage Payment?

The Government has established a standard "Affordable Mortgage Payment" that banks and lenders are supposed to use in order to establish if an applicant is qualified for Loan Modification.  Our software uses the same industry standard calculations to determine the Net Present Value of the existing mortgage and then determines what term can be modified on your mortgage. 

Have you recently Lost your Job?

Are you Going Through a Divorce?

Did you Inherit an Unwanted Property? 

Any of these situation can be devastating and may cause a financial hardship.  These are just a few examples of Acceptable Financial Hardships.  Basically an acceptable hardship would be something that was out of your control. Preferably your hardship should have happened close to, or before you missed a payment, if you have missed a payment.


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