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I got over $140,000.00 in Principal Reduction and my Total Payment went down to $446/month!

"I met Kennedy through a co worker that had gotten a loan modification with him.  I had paid someone almost $2000 and did not get a loan modification.  When Kennedy told me that my payment was reduced from over $1200/month to only $446/month, I couldn't believe it.  When we reviewed the approval, I found out that Kennedy also negotiated my mortgage down from over $210,000.00 to just ove $71,000.00!  I would have to pay about $900.00/moth in rent but now I have a home for my family for $446/month!"

- Carlos & Iris S.

I had just lost my spouse and was left with a unaffordable mortgage payment...

I was referred to Kennedy Gallimore by an attorney and I never would have been able to keep my home, if it wasn't for the personal effort that Kennedy put in to getting my loan modification approved. . I am extremely pleased with the loan modification that I received, and I continue to refer my friends and clients to Kennedy and CNA Financial."

- Linda P.

The Simplest Sale We Ever Experienced...

"Working with Kennedy Gallimore has been awesome.  I quickly received a fair, all cash offer to purchase my FL house and closed when I requested.  I was very happy with the offer I received, and I appreciated how comfortable we were made to feel throughout the closing process.  If you are looking to sell your FL house fast, I highly recommend working with Kennedy Gallimore."

- Tammy & Richard F.

When I retired, I was not able to afford my mortgage payment...

"When I was forced to retire, due to medical issues, I fell behind on my mortgage.  I tried for almost 3 years to get a loan modification, on my own and with others, including attorneys.  When I called Kennedy Gallimore he reviewed my entire mortgage history and within a couple days, he had a package ready for the bank.  Shortly after that I was approved for a loan modification and the bank dismissed my foreclosure. I am truly thankful!"

- May M..

My House Was in terrible shape, And Kennedy Gallimore Still got the short sale approved...

"I recently inherited a property and it was a mess.  The whole house needed redone.  When I called Kennedy Gallimore I quickly received an all Cash offer to purchase the property.  I was so relieved that I wouldn't need to make any repairs to that piece of junk!" And Kennedy handled the whole process with my bank to get their approval.

- Ricky E.