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My Name Is Kennedy Gallimore I AM NOT A REAL ESTATE AGENT. However, I work with some of the best Short Sale Real Estate Agents in the Business.  Chances are you were probably referred here by a Real Estate Agent.  I have closed hundreds of real estate transactions, and most of these transactions included either foreclosure, bankruptcy, probate, loan modification, short sale, REO and Land Trusts.

I have also worked extensively with Wholesale Assignments, AND even properties with No Equity, etc... I have experience working with most of the major banks, on a regular basis, and I have worked with several of the smaller lenders and sevicers as well.  

If you need to get your Short Sale Done...

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1) Fill out the form to the right and I will contact you to learn more about your property and situation.

2) Next I will schedule an appointment to discuss your unique situation and meet you "face-to-face".

3) Next, based on your desired outcome, I will provide a FREE and Personal Loan Modification or Short Sale Proposal based on Industry Standard Net Present Value Calculations and the results of The Mortgage Evaluation and Real Estate Settlement (MERES) Report

4) Once we agree that you can benefit from my assistance,, I will ask for your authorization to proceed.

5) Finally, If this is a Short Sale, I will ensure that the buyer opens escrow with a licensed closing agent (Title Company or Attorney) and quickly get this behind you.

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If you were referred here, that's awesome.  If you stumbled on us by search or even by accident, I am happy that you're here too! I encourage you to take the next step.  If you do not know "How to Do a Short Sale", I can show exactly "How To Do A Short Sale". If you have too much going on and just need someone to process your files for you, CNA Financial, Inc is here for you.  So fill out the form to the right and I look forward to talking with you soon.

Kennedy Gallimore grew up in Southern California where he completed his primary education. Kennedy lived in a small town called South Pasadena, CA and attended both South Pasadena Jr High and South Pasadena High Schools. Kennedy Later went on to Watterson College, in Pasadena, CA, where he received his degree in Small Business Administration. Kennedy then relocated to Central Florida in 1988. Kennedy attended The University of Miami and received Certification as a Minority Business Executive. When Kennedy started his career, he was employed by a national, minority owned oil company where he cut his teeth in the business world and government contracting. Kennedy was involved with bidding, obtaining and servicing multi-million dollar government contracts from Maine to Florida. In 1991, Kennedy saw an opportunity to purchase investment property and go into his own business and so he bought some rental properties and started an organization called The Gallimore Circuit Network. This was an independent Financial Services Company that operated under a large Financial Services Company that later became The Travelers Insurance Company. Later Kennedy found that his calling was helping individuals on a one on one basis, so he concentrated on one specific part of the financial services industry, Loans and Mortgages. Kennedy quickly saw how difficult it was for people to get a mortgage and soon started his own mortgage company where he connected private and corporate investors  together with clients and helped hundreds of people achieve home ownership and often times their first slice of the American Dream! Kennedy was successful in the mortgage industry and finally made some changes in 2007, as the real estate market crashed, to again return to his calling to help individuals.  As the foreclosure epidemic quickly took over our country, Kennedy found his place in helping struggling homeowners work with their lenders to modify their mortgages to an affordable payment. At first it didn’t seem like a company would be needed to help just a few people; however, over the years, Kennedy saw just how difficult it was for individuals to negotiate with their mortgage companies successfully. Because some people just do not qualify, or even want to keep their properties.  Kennedy can help his clients bow out gracefully without having to let their property go to auction.  Kennedy serves each person based on their unique situation and desired outcome, and has built an elite, referral based firm by doing business in a personal way.

Kennedy Gallimore