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Did you know that CNA Financial, Inc has already Saved Homeowners, just like you, MILLIONS of DOLLARS in the following areas:

1) Principal Reduction

2) Interest Rate Reduction

3) Payment Reduction

4) Principal Forgiveness

5) Relocation Assistance

6) Payment Forbearance 

7) Principal Forbearance

8) Deficiency Waivers         


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Do you need to Get Results on Your Short SaleRight Away?

A REST REPORT is a document generated that closely mirrors the results of banks and loan servicers nationwide and is used to determine if a homeowner qualifies for a loan modification or short sale or other options.  In fact it even goes as far as detailing, which HAMP or HAFA program the client qualifies for and under which terms, including Short Sales. This document can be generated with the data included in a typical HAMP package, along with an authorization letter from the homeowner which allows us to obtain a payoff figure and the current loan terms.

This report proves whether or not a person qualifies for a loan modification or short sale, under which program and under what terms. The report also calculates what the house is worth to the bank should it foreclosure (it uses data from 11 different sources to do this. The REST Report gives court ready evidence of 3 or more ways that a loan modification or short sale will be a better financial resolution, for the bank, as compared to foreclosure.  And that is the key to getting a loan modification or short sale approved.  This report arms you or your attorney to challenge any unapproved loan modifications.

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Do you believe that there may have been fraud on the origination of your mortgage loan?  Have you been harassed, or neglected by your lender, have you been unable to get answers, throughout the foreclosure process? Have you been asked to send in paperwork over and over again?  Have you been unable to talk to someone that knows about your file? Has you lender sold your loan when it was several weeks into the loan modification approval process?  If so, you may be entitled to monetary compensation from $2,000.00 - $20,000.00 or more.

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Do you want to lower your mortgage payment?  Matye you are a landlord that is not able to cover the mortgage payment with the rental income. Maybe you have experienced a loss of income, increased expenses, divorce, bankruptcy, or even inherited a house with an unaffordable mortgage. Maybe you are trying to Save your home from foreclosure. A loan modification may be your answer!   

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Loan Modification

Do you just want to be done with the whole situation?  Maybe you would like to get a loan modification, but you just do not have the income or you just do not want to deal with the situation anymore. We can help you get all of the paperwork completed and submitted to get your short sale processed quickly!  We have several Our Online Short Sale System is FREE to the seller and the buyer only pays us if the short sale is completed.

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Short Sale


Have you suddenly come into a Financial Hardship? 

We all face challenges that cause us to have a financial hardship.  I was once told that we spend about 50% of our lives in the middle of, going into, or coming out of conflict.  Conflict usually costs money and in and of itself, can cause financial hardship.  In order to qualify for most  Loan Modification or Short Sale Programs, you must display a financial hardship.  Most financial hardships are easy to define, such as, job loss, increase in bills, medical issues, under funded retirement, etc.

Are you Getting Negative Cash Flow on your Rental Property? 

A financial hardship can also happen to a rental property owner.  Let's say that you bought a property for $100,000 in 2007 and you invested $20,000 to purchase and your mortgage is $750/month + $250 HOA or COA Dues, or $1000/month.  Let's assume that there are a lot of rentals available and the rental property owner can only rent the property for $500/month and the value has dropped from $100,000 in 2005 to $35,000 now!  The financial hardship is that the negative cash flow and negative equity are both financial hardships and can be grounds for applying for a Loan Modification.

Do you Need Relief from your Mortgage Payment?

The Government has established a standard "Affordable Mortgage Payment" that banks and lenders are supposed to use in order to establish if an applicant is qualified for Loan Modification or Short Sale Our software uses the same industry standard calculations to determine the Net Present Value of the existing mortgage and then determines what term can be modified on your mortgage. 

Have you recently Lost your Job? 

Are you Going Through a Divorce?

Did you Inherit an Unwanted Property? 

Any of these situation can be devastating and may cause a financial hardship.  These are just a few examples of Acceptable Financial Hardships.  Basically an acceptable hardship would be something that was out of your control. Preferably your hardship should have happened close to, or before you missed a payment, if you have missed a payment.



CNA Financial works with homeowners in many different situations, such as foreclosure, bankruptcy, probate, loan modification, short sale, REO, Land Trusts, Assignments, real estate investing, private financing, etc..  So no matter why you want help, I would like to talk with you!

So please fill out the form to the right and I will quickly get in touch with you.  Plus as a special bonus to you, I created a FREE report titled "How To Stop Foreclosure" that you will gain immediate access to once you fill out the form on this page.  Thank you and I look forward to talking with you soon.